About Us

Blok Modular was born out of Future City Architects’ director, Dan Burnett’s dream of using mass-production to produce highly refined, precision-built modular architecture affordably.

We believe that the emerging modular construction movement is not only the future of housing and construction around the world, but that it will bring with it a shift in architectural style which will change the built environment significantly.

Precise mechanised production coupled with the latest 3D modelling technology and a controlled factory environment allows us to fabricate high-quality componentry and assemble it to achieve a level of intricacy in our architecture that is more akin to the automotive industry.

We can produce buildings with either a high degree of visual articulation like industrial architecture with colourful expressed-structure, or a stack of completely minimalist boxes.

Before we made Blok,

we made cargotecture

Point Lookout Container House

Oxley Container House

Heritage Riding School Clubhouse

Woolloongabba “Lego House” Container Granny Flat


Our modular system begins with a steel framed skeletal structure which has been designed to stack, cantilever and withstand the rigours of transport.  We then tested and plugged in all of the latest innovative and emerging construction technology, to achieve material and labour cost savings.


Being conscious of the protection of the environment and the energy footprint of this country, we use design to help improve things. Our buildings are all 6 star energy rated, with insulation values which exceed Building Code regulations by up to 50%. Our modules are designed to maximise passive heating and cooling like cross ventilation, shaded glazing, Low-E and double-glazing options. Our modules use low VOC paints and finishes and are designed for easy install of solar and water collection. This all adds up to a more pleasant environment and ongoing lifecycle cost savings.


A smart house should be adjustable to suit your needs. Humans are dynamic, but traditionally our houses are not. Modular homes can cheaply and easily adapt to suit a growing family or even be relocated completely, therefore providing a distinct financial and social advantage. A first home buyer can stage their build, moving into a small single module apartment, and then add more modules on the second or third level as their equity or family grows. Teenagers can be moved to the other side of the backyard. Parents too. Modules can be disassembled, relocated or removed on trucks quickly and cheaply, to be reused on a new site.

Monumental Architecture

For too long, exciting, striking and aspirational architecture has been the reserve of expo pavilions and James Bond villains. At Blok Modular we know that with clever planning you can produce spectacular buildings on a small budget. Our structurally-efficient modules can achieve impressive cantilevers and large spans on a budget. Working in close collaboration with you, our architects and construction team have developed interior detailing and a wide variety of external cladding options to produce uncompromising modernist finishes inside and out. We have studied innovative modular projects from all over the world, including lightweight panel systems, container architecture, micro-houses and apartments and even love-hotels. All of these lessons in adaptability, efficiency and style have been brought to bear in Blok Modular. We think it’s time that exciting architecture became as broadly accessible as other art forms like film or music.

Income Generation with Prebuilt Homes

We have designed a range of backyard solutions which are specially designed for student accommodation. They range from 1-2 stories and up to 3 bedrooms. They utilise pod bedrooms, with loft beds and integrated desks and storage to offer students a very comfortable, efficient and affordable share-house lifestyle. These compact bedrooms allow for larger living areas and reduce cost to create passive income from your property. The return on investment is higher than any other property development model. Most capital city councils in Australia allow for up to 4 or 5 unrelated people on a property, so there is usually no planning application required.

Speed and Simplicity

Achieving this accessibility comes with eliminating the mysteries and pitfalls of the conventional construction project. In this information age, we’ve become accustomed to researching, comparing and purchasing online from anywhere in the world, with products delivered to our door at the click of a mouse. Blok Modular has been developed to deliver this same kind of ease and efficiency to you, but with buildings. We do this through our end to end service, coordinating a cohesive team of consultants who are passionate about a seamless project delivery from concept design to handing over the keys. Our clients don’t have to concern themselves with the mechanics of building a house, leaving them free to enjoy a collaborative design process, with a flexible modular system or to simply choose a highly-developed off-the shelf model, customise it if desired and then watch the installation. We deliver all the fun, without the pain. By design – our modules are fully prefabricated in our factory in Brisbane, then delivered to site on standard trucks so that even a three-storey house can be assembled in one day.

"What we wanted was a simple, functional family home which maximised backyard and outdoor living space. What we got was an extraordinary home, cleverly designed and truly elegant. It has been a joy living in Dan's creation."

Naomi HerzogOxley House Client

"During the recent heat wave the granny flat was surprisingly cool. Thanks to all that insulation and double glazing. I am amazed at the light and airy feeling the flat has - even upstairs. It must be the strategic placement of the windows. Well done."

Peter SimmondsSimmonds House