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South Brisbane Transit Tower Concept

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transit tower sketchTOWER01This concept scheme was undertaken in 2004 in response to the staged decentralisation of government services to ease congestion in the CBD and in anticipation of increasing building height and density in South Brisbane and Woollongabba. The brief was to provide commercial offices for the relocation of Queensland Rail headquarters from the CBD, and to link directly into the existing bus and rail network beneath. The scheme includes retail, food court, other commercial office space and a boutique hotel. The scheme utelises seperate foyer entries off Tribune Street to activate the narrow volume bounded by the busway terminal opposite and the rail and busway bridges above. It is intended that the strengthening of this axis along Tribune Street, perpendicular to Southbank and the river will set a precedent, helping to polarise a permeability to West End, counteracting the barriers imposed by Cordelia and Merivale Streets.