Stafford Heights Retirement Resort

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These schemes begin to explore some simple solutions to ornamental gardens and food production in typical multi residential applications. The scheme attempts to reconcile built form and landscape, reversing the prevailing oppression of vegetation by buildings which stand victorious over it, and exploring the use of landscape as built form. These are some preliminary concepts showing how this might occur. Each building attempts to express a different relationship between the vertical landscape and the built form, through hierarchical shifts, varying levels of maintenance, and varying geometric order. With effective rainwater storage, irrigation, and access for maintenance, horticultural systems are successfully weaved into the fabric of the building. There is a planter on every balcony which is irrigated by gravity fed roof water from small reservoirs at the roof line. Pre-grown flowering creepers are transported to site, unrolled and clipped to trellises. So creepers only have to be sustained for 3 metres vertically before they are supplemented by another soil profile. And they can be growing right from the beginning of construction so that by practical completion they are already flourishing. It is intended that each occupant may grow their own preferred plants into the fabric of the facade, introducing another layer of diversity, and promoting creativity, individualism and self-expression in a multi residential context.



Currently under construction, this project sites a range of luxury dwellings and recreational facilities into the rich topographic and ecological landscape of a former open cut mine. Serviced apartments, duplexes and a clubhouse respond to the sheer cliff faces, overland flow paths, lake, creek and island. The brief was to provide a resort-style stafford construction 2acommunity for retirees of unparalleled luxury and amenity which would integrate with existing care facilities adjacent. There are 140 units over 9 apartment buildings, 82 single and double storey duplex apartments, and a clubhouse with restaurant, bar, theatre, library, medical centre, indoor aquatics, lakeside pool, and serviced apartments above. Close collaboration with landscape architects saw the vertical integration of landscape with building fabric, community gardens, permaculture solutions and regeneration of the whole site. The challenges of this site demanded extensive hydrological, ecological, and geotechnical investigation, coordinated with a large dynamic team of consultants, to achieve successful, sustainable integration into the natural environment.