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We are all familiar with the over-flowing construction site skip bin. In-situ construction methods produce huge amount of waste, vast volumes of which will end up as land fill.

To combat the issue of construction waste we must look at the design and construction process end-to-end to understand the problems and restrictions that construction methods, materials, time and budget constraints produce.

Sadly, traditional, in-situ construction is marred by time and environmental constraints that limitations in the budget cannot efficiently tackle.

One of Blok Modular’s primary aims is to solve these issues.

Blok applies an environmentally-conscious approach to everything that we do, this helps mitigate the negative environmental impact that the construction industry is traditionally associated with.

In comparison to an in-situ build, factory prefabrication greatly minimises site disturbance and supports efficient waste management. Blok modules are all 6-star energy rated, with insulation values exceeding Building Code regulations. They are designed to maximise passive heating and cooling techniques, such as cross-ventilation and shading. Modern technologies including various glazing options, low VOC paints, solar panels, and water collection provide lifecycle cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

Blok comes to life lightly- our projects are constructed in our Blok Factory in Brisbane, Queensland and delivered and assembled onsite, on pre-prepared footings once complete. This means that during the construction phase of your project, there is minimal disruption the existing vegetation and habitation of your site. There is really no other method of construction that allows such negligible environmental impact as modular.


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