Prefabricated Homes Brisbane

Prefab homes in Brisbane need not look like cookie-cutter mass reproductions of generic designs. Our vision as prefab architects is to use a modular production process to deliver contemporary architecture that is refined, with meticulous attention to detail, build quality, and affordability.

The demand for housing is growing globally due to increased urbanisation, meaning that modular building is the way of the future. At Blok Modular, we also see it changing how housing is designed and making architectural style a choice for all.

When it comes to prefab houses around Brisbane, our team of passionate architects focuses on customised, standout designs. Our goal is to ensure that aspirational design is no longer the privilege of a few but can accommodate every budget and site. Such a modular construction methodology is also easier on the environment and a more responsible way to both design and build.

Our Main Service Benefits

Our process is straightforward, and it starts with you wanting to buy a home but needing a more affordable, modernised option than what traditional homes offer. Once you know you want to live in luxury modular homes, here is how it will work:

1 - Designed by an architect

For the most striking prefab homes throughout QLD, our skilled team creates designs that reflect your personality and lifestyle and remain relevant and liveable for years to come.

2 - Classic

Our aesthetic is timeless, based on modern architecture embracing principles that have stood the test of time. We achieve this by liaising with the top architecture firms in Australia.

3 - Customised

Even though our prefabricated system is based on a modular concept, every project is a work of design art. The advantage of choosing Blok Modular for the best prefabricated homes in Brisbane is that we are, first and foremost, a design practice.

4 - Home-grown

All our modules are prefabricated in our factory in Brisbane using quality materials and fixtures.

5 - Hassle-free

Our process is painless, from design to delivery. We are with you every step of the way, from obtaining all necessary permits to installation and construction. Our clients are guaranteed the highest quality result due to seamless integration between our design and build teams.

What We Do

We determine your budget and design brief in a free consultation with Dan Burnett, our main architect and Director of Blok Modular. A distinct benefit of modular design is its flexibility, which translates into a reduced price and project timeframe. We also create a 3D model to show you your dream prefab home before assembly. 

On-Site Assembly

Once you’re happy, our factory starts to produce all the modules. In the meantime, licenced affiliate builders commence with on-site preparation. Completed modules are assembled on site as quickly as possible. You are now ready to accept the keys to your new prefab home!

Blok Modular prides itself on designing, developing, and building customised prefab homes, each with its own architectural flair. For peace of mind, we provide a six-year warranty.