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If you are in the market to buy a house, renovating an existing one or contemplating building, then consider the ever-growing modular home option.

As with most innovation, there is a great deal of ambiguity and confusion surrounding what modular houses actually are.

Rather than the typical construction process which involves a builder constructing the house on site and incessantly checking back in with the architect in an attempt to avoid any errors. Our modular homes, to put it briefly, are built in parts, at an off-site factory environment, then transported to the property and put together on-site, according to a predetermined plan – all by our team.

Sound simple?

In comparison to the traditional architect and builder process, it is!

Although there are three main misconceptions about modular houses that we need to debunk:

Misconception 1: Size Limitations

People assume since the houses are built offsite, and consequently need to be transported on roads to the desired location, that they must be tiny. At Blok all of our modules are customised to suit exactly the size that our client is after. In the past, we have been able to create rooms that are 9 metres wide by combining multiple modules together.


Misconception 2: Low quality stigma

Modular homes have been confused with the lower quality manufactured or mobile homes. While the terms “modular home” and “manufactured home” refer to two very different things, the terms have unfortunately been used interchangeably. At Blok, our modules are architecturally designed, bespoke, luxury homes. Unlike pre-made, manufactured homes, no two of our modules are the same. We use only the highest quality materials and fixtures and for your peace of mind, all of our new Blok modular homes come with a 6-year warranty.


Misconception 3: Modular homes are boring, rectangular boxes

Let our Belongil project speak for itself!


Do you have any questions you need answered before building? Get in touch with us, we would love to help you!