Grand designs without the drama

We firmly believe that beautiful, aspirational architecture should be made available to suit every budget and every site. We believe in architecture as a solution to environmentally destructive construction processes.

That’s why we made Blok, and why we love what we do.

1 - No building cost blow-outs

For too long, beautiful, considered, and aspirational architecture has been reserved for a select few. At Blok, we know that with clever planning and smart design, spectacular buildings can be produced on a budget.

Our architectural modular building system ensures the cost of the entire building project is identified very early on in the consultation process, prior to locking you into a contract for detailed construction documentation.

This assists our clients during the financing process with a lender, and ensures peace of mind during the entire process. We create a design to suit your budget, and remain transparent about costs right from the start. There will be no hidden surprises.

2 - Bespoke architecture, timeless design

Although Blok is by definition, a modular product, that does not mean that each project is the same.

To the contrary, each Blok Modular build is an entirely bespoke, high-end luxury creation, with foundations rooted in modernist architectural principals of function and simplicity.

We work collaboratively with some of Brisbane’s most esteemed architects to produce highly personalised and site-adapted buildings that are not only stunning to look at, but that are a joy to live in.

We continuously review our designs against the latest global architectural innovations to ensure living in your new home is as pleasurable and exciting as possible, now and for years to come.

By applying the Blok Modular principals to each of our projects, our buildings enhance our clients lives, while enriching their communities.

3 - Faster, safer and more precise than a traditional build

We build your modular masterpiece in an extremely secure environment- our factory.

This means no damage or down-time due to weather conditions, and no (often expensive) issues with multiple contractors accessing tricky or remote sites.

Our precise mechanised production, coupled with the latest 3D modelling technology and a controlled factory environment, allows Blok to fabricate and assemble high-quality componentry that achieves a level of intricacy in our architecture unachievable in a conventional build.

Additionally, during construction, your asset is under lock and key, secured safely in our factory every night.

We encourage our clients to visit the factory during construction, so you can see your home come to life before delivery.

4 - Green buildings, with minimal impact to the environment

At Blok we care deeply about the impact our practice has on the environment and we want to minimise our footprint as much as possible.

Traditionally, the construction industry is not a green one. At Blok, our modular architectural system offers solutions to some of the biggest destructive and waste generating consequences of the construction process.

As we fabricate all of our buildings off-site, this has major environmental advantages, the main being minimal disturbance to existing site vegetation, habitation, and minimum risk to delicate sites that may exist close to or within protected parkland.

We work closely with councils requiring stringent and detailed development applications, so we know that our modular system provides environmental solutions that traditional in-situ builds cannot.

Blok Modular homes are all 7-star energy-rated, with insulation values exceeding Building Code regulations. Our homes are designed to maximise passive heating and cooling techniques, such as cross-ventilation and shading.

Modern technologies including various glazing options, low VOC paints, solar panels, and water collection provide lifecycle cost savings and reduced environmental impact. We are also very proud that our factory operates with a near-zero waste policy.

We constantly seek the latest innovative solutions to ensure that as a practice operating in an industry akin with generating waste, we are doing our very best to drive the industry forward.

5 - Minimal disruption to your (and your neighbours') life.

There will be no power tools ringing in the new day for months on end on a Blok Modular site!

Your bespoke architectural home will be manufactured in the Blok factory in Brisbane.

When your project is ready to be delivered, we truck and crane each module to your location, and install them at rapid speed and precision onto the pre-prepared footings completed by our contractors.

Most of our buildings are assembled onsite within a day. Minimal site mess, minimal noise and disruption. Phew!

6 - We deliver homes all across Australia

Blok Modular have delivered and installed beautiful, architecturally designed homes to the suburbs of Brisbane, Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island), the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, the Byron Bay Hinterlands and further south, to the Central Coast of NSW, and we can, deliver anywhere in Australia.

7 - Sloping sites, difficult sites and awkward access are not a problem

Dan Burnett, our leading architect, and our team of project architects are highly skilled at site-problem solving.

We have a combined 55 years of experience in designing incredible buildings that not only work with tricky sites, but that respond to their setting and extract the most value from them.

We have built incredible buildings on sand, rock and precarious sloping sites and find that our modular system can by nature resolve many difficult site concerns.

8 - Effortless end to end process

We pride ourselves on offering seamless project delivery from the first meeting through to completion of your project.

We work closely with you throughout the design phase, as well as coordinate development applications, building approvals, construction, and installation. We manage every aspect of the project, and keep you updated along the way.

Sit back, relax! We’ll do the hard work for you.

That’s why Blok. Now let’s talk process.

The Blok advantage


Your modular home is meticulously designed by Blok’s highly-skilled team of architects. We continuously review our designs against the latest global architectural innovations to ensure living in your new home is as pleasurable and exciting as possible, now and for years to come.


At Blok, we celebrate the block aesthetic. Inspired by pioneering modernist architecture and mid-century design, our modular homes draw from enduring modern principles. Blok regularly collaborates with leading Australian architecture practices to produce outstanding results.

Bespoke architecture

Even though the Blok system is modular and prefabricated, each project is a bespoke piece of architecture responding to individual requirements. When you choose Blok, you’ve got the benefit of a full architecture practice that works closely with clients to achieve optimal collaborative results.

Australian made

Blok modules are designed and prefabricated in our Brisbane factory by our expert construction team, using only high-quality materials and fixtures. If you live locally you can visit throughout the fabrication phase, or receive photo updates as your modules evolve.

Effortless process

We pride ourselves on offering seamless project delivery from the first meeting through to completion of your project. We work closely with you throughout the design phase, as well as coordinate all development applications, building approvals, construction, and installation.

Australia-wide installation

Blok specialises in difficult beach and hinterland sites, and we work with consultant teams and councils across Australia to ensure we can achieve ambitious outcomes. Our experienced construction team works hand in hand with our design team to ensure the highest quality outcome.