About Blok

Blok Modular was born out of Future City Architects’ director, Dan Burnett’s dream of using mass-production to produce highly refined, precision-built modular architecture, affordably.

We believe that the emerging modular construction movement is not only the future of housing and construction around the world but that it will bring with it a shift in architectural style, changing the built environment significantly.

Precise mechanised production, coupled with the latest 3D modelling technology and a controlled factory environment, allows Blok to fabricate and assemble high-quality componentry that achieves a level of intricacy in our architecture that is more akin to the automotive industry.

Before we made Blok,

we made cargotecture

Point Lookout Container House

Oxley Container House

Woolloongabba Container House

Heritage Riding School Clubhouse


Blok applies an environmentally-conscious approach to everything that we do, this helps mitigate the negative environmental impact that the construction industry is traditionally associated with. In comparison to an in-situ build, factory prefabrication greatly minimises site disturbance and supports efficient waste management. Blok modules are all 6-star energy rated, with insulation values exceeding Building Code regulations. They are designed to maximise passive heating and cooling techniques, such as cross-ventilation and shading. Modern technologies including various glazing options, low VOC paints, solar panels, and water collection provide lifecycle cost savings and reduced environmental impact.


Humans are dynamic but traditionally our houses are not. Blok believes that houses should adjust to suit the needs of their inhabitants and the particularities of their environment. Our modular homes are designed to be highly adaptable. Builds can be staged, for example, beginning with a small single module that then combines with additional modules as required to suit a growing family or to work with budget restraints. Modular homes are inherently transportable and can be disassembled and relocated to be reinstalled on a new site. The flexibility that modular affords provides a distinct financial and social advantage.


In this information age, we’ve become accustomed to researching, comparing, and purchasing online. At the click of a mouse, purchases are delivered directly to our doors from anywhere in the world. Blok Modular delivers this same kind of ease and efficiency to you, but with homes. We achieve this through our end to end service. Our design and construction teams and consultants are all passionate about a seamless project delivery from the first meeting to handing over the keys. Our clients don’t have to concern themselves with the specifics of building a house, leaving them free to enjoy a collaborative design process. We deliver all the fun without the pain that the architecture process is usually associated with.


For too long, beautiful, considered, and aspirational architecture has been reserved for a select few. At Blok, we know that with clever planning and smart design, spectacular buildings can be produced on a budget. Working in close collaboration with you, our highly-skilled team of architects draw from modernist and mid-century design principles to achieve a stunning and timeless design. From the outset, planning with our prefabricated modular system in mind promotes cost savings and construction efficiencies. Our design and construction teams have worked collaboratively to develop a wide variety of proven detailing options that deliver uncompromising modernist finishes inside and out. We think it’s time that exciting architecture became as broadly accessible as other art forms.