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There are 6 steps that you can sign up for one at a time:

01. Teams Meeting

02. Site Consultation

03. Master Plan Stage

04. Design Stage

05. Construction Stage

06. Move in!

1 - Teams Meeting (30 minutes)

Fill out our online form and Gabi will contact you to set up a free Teams meeting with our principal architect, Daniel Burnett. He’ll do a 30-minute virtual site meeting and discuss your brief and any of your questions.

2 - Site Consultation (1 hour)

If it’s a good fit we’ll book a site consultation and Daniel will spend an hour onsite talking through your brief, your budget and the opportunities and constraints of the site which we think are important to respond to.

3 - Master Plan Stage (4 weeks)

If you like the direction we’re heading in, you can engage us for the Master Plan – this includes a site plan, floor plans and 3D model, with all projects costs itemised. In this stage we can adjust the design to respond to your feedback and to fit your budget.

4 - Design Stage (4 months for a typical house)

If you love the Master Plan design and are happy with the budget you can engage us for Design Stage. Here we engage any consultants that are required for approvals, get all the approvals and document the building for construction. We provide two itemised cost updates during the Design Stage based on any design development or consultant feedback, so you can make adjustments to stay on budget if there are any increases. We provide fortnightly updates throughout the Design Phase.

5 - Construction Stage (5 months for a typical house)

At the end of Design Stage we provide you with a detailed program and a fixed price construction contract, and upon signing commence work in the factory and onsite. Your architect provides weekly updates throughout construction, and you can visit the factory any time to view the progress and talk to the construction team.

6 - Move in!

We take you for a tour through your new house, hand over the keys and the warranties, and have regular check-ins over the next six months in case you need help with anything.