Five simple steps to building your new modular home

In everything we do, we believe in keeping things simple.

We’ve refined numerous years of design and construction experience into a beautiful and versatile modular system that effortlessly responds to your site, brief, and budget.

Our highly-skilled team of architects handles every aspect of the design and construction process from concept through to approvals and handover. Relax and enjoy watching your new modular home come to life! This is how we do it:

1 - Establish your brief and budget

The Blok process starts with a free consultation with our Director and Principal Architect, Dan Burnett. This can take place over the phone, on video chat, or in our Brisbane studio.

In this meeting, we will discuss your story, your ideas about how you like to live, your site, and different options about how we can achieve your goals within your budget.

Even though the Blok system is modular, each project is a bespoke piece of architecture that is designed to respond to your individual requirements.

With this in mind, the price guide is useful to establish and inform your budget. However, in the following stages, our architects will design your new modular home to suit your brief, your site, and your budget.

2 - Let's talk!

As architects, we love to understand and respond to your individuality.

Following the free 20-minute consultation with our Director and Principal Architect Dan Burnett, project viability and a clear direction to achieve your goals will have been established.

The next step is an on-site meeting, including 1-hour architect’s consultation, hand-sketched conceptual schematic drawings, and a project cost estimate. (Starting from $450+GST within Brisbane Metro, other areas POA)

3 - Design phase

One of the biggest advantages of modular architecture is the ability to control the cost and timeframe, and provide full project visibility, right from the start!

To pass this advantage on to you, we implement a low-cost Master Plan package.

This includes resolved schematic design drawings of your new home, alongside accurate and comprehensive project cost estimates and timeframe information.

Uniquely, the Master Plan allows you to review the design and budget before engaging full architectural services.

After the site meeting (or a detailed virtual meeting), our architects will have a clear understanding of your project requirements. This will allow us to provide a proposal outlining the project brief and the price of the Master Plan package.

When you are happy with the design and the budget outlined in the Master Plan, you can engage Blok to complete the rest of the design phase and coordinate all approvals and consultants.

Architectural and consultant fee estimates are included in the Master Plan.

We work closely with you throughout the design phase to achieve the design goals and functional requirements detailed in the project brief. To help visualise the end result, we provide an accurate 3D digital model of your new modular home.

4 - Fabrication phase

Upon completion of the design phase, a construction contract is signed and a 20% construction deposit is paid.

Your modules then spring into life in our factory. You can come and visit throughout the fabrication phase, or receive photo updates as your modules evolve.

While the factory is busy constructing your project, our affiliated licensed builders will commence work on-site, preparing foundations, services, and landscaping.

The efficiency that modular construction affords compresses the timeframe for your project in half!

When the modules are finished, they are then transported to site and precision-installed at a rapid pace.

The final service connections and landscaping is then completed, alongside any required in-situ construction depending on the design of your new modular home.

5 - Move-in day!

Blok director and principal architect, Dan Burnett, and our affiliated builder will give you the grand tour and hand you the keys.

Your own individual piece of modern modular architecture is ready for living in!

For peace of mind, your new Blok modular home comes with a 6-year warranty.