The five simple steps to building your new modular home.

At Blok Modular we make building your new modular home easy, with an efficient and structured building process that ensures the building and installation of your prefabricated home is done as quickly as possible. We have been building and installing modern prefab homes for a number of years and always review and adapt our processes to guarantee we continue to deliver modular excellence.


1 - Determine your brief and your budget

The best way to start a building project is by deciding on your budget and your brief.

To get a feel for our pricing jump onto our products page. These are our most recent designs with pricing shown. After years of designing modular architecture we can easily adapt any of these projects to suit your needs, so feel free to contact us with your individual brief and budget.

If you have a vision for your project which is beyond the bounds of our featured products, never fear – we love to design bespoke housing and offer a free initial design consultation over the phone, and a range of services to get your dream on paper (and then into a virtual reality headset!)

2 - Let's talk!

As architects, we love to understand and respond to your individuality. So give us a call, or email your project information and one of our architects will help you establish the scope of your project to meet your budget, your brief, and of course your architectural dreams.

To do this we offer a range of initial services:

1. Free 20 minute phone consultation with an architect to discuss your project in detail.

2. Site Visit, including 1 hr architect’s consultation, hand-sketched schematic design, project cost estimate    $165.00 (within Brisbane Metro, other areas are POA)

3. Project Proposal, including a drafted and dimensioned custom floor plan, preliminary planning assessment, construction cost estimate, finishes specification, consultant costs quote, and project program.  $500 -$1000 (depending on scale and complexity)

During our free phone consultation our architect will confirm pricing and can arrange to meet you on site or to provide your Project Proposal within 7 days.

3 - Engage Design Phase!

If you are happy with the proposal its time to to move to the fun part, Design Phase!

We provide staged design and documentation of your project so you can explore the project bit by bit, or proceed straight to manufacture.

The first stage is Concept Design, where we provide a 3D model of your project, and free virtual reality goggles so you can experience your future home inside and out.

We work with you to refine the design, and provide cost updates before engaging our engineers, certifiers and energy consultants. We then submit all approvals, and provide you with a construction contract to start fabrication!

4 - Fabrication

Once the construction contract is signed, and the 20% deposit paid, your modules spring into life in our factory. You can come and visit throughout the fabrication phase, or receive photo updates as your modules evolve.

While the factory is busy on your modules, our affiliated licenced builders will commence work on site, preparing foundations, services, and landscaping, compressing the timeframe for your project in half!

Upon completion the modules are transported to the site and installed in a single day.

5 - Move-in Day!

Your piece of modular modern architecture is handed over, ready for living in! It comes with a 6 year warrantee.

Advantages of our Prefabricated Homes

Australian Made

Our modules are designed and built in our warehouse in Brisbane, so if you’re local you can visit us and see your modules under construction. We use only quality materials and fixtures, which have been selected and tested over 30 years of construction experience.


Your prefab home is meticulously designed and reviewed against the latest developments in modern architectural innovation from all over the world to ensure you’re experience of living in your modular house is as pleasurable and exciting as possible, now and for years to come.

Fully Customisable

When you buy a Blok Modular house you’ve got the benefit of a full architecture practice behind you who can quickly and cheaply modify your prefab house to suit your lifestyle of site constraints, we work closely with our clients to achieve great results born out of close collaboration.

Installation Anywhere in Australia

Our construction team has many years of experience designing prefab homes and working on large rural and regional housing projects as well as inner city commercial developments, so we bring this experience and efficiency to bear on delivering your project even in the furthest reaches of the continent.

We Take Care of all Approvals

Unlike other modular housing manufacturers, we pride ourselves on offering seamless project delivery, from design through certification and construction, so all your services and appliances are connected when we place the keys in your hand. We’ll act as your agent throughout, complying with all building codes and local planning codes to eliminate issues and maximise efficiency. We believe it shouldn’t be any other way.