Modular Homes Brisbane

Most modern options for modular homes in Brisbane, unfortunately, fail to hit the mark. However, our designs have proved time, and again that better planning and immaculate attention to detail can deliver modular homes as beautiful as any other. At Blok Modular, we challenge the idea that modular homes have to be boring and bring your dream home to you affordably.

Our Five-Step Process to Modular Housing in Brisbane

Our process is straightforward, and it starts with you wanting to buy a home but needing a more affordable, modernised option than what traditional homes offer. Once you know you want to live in luxury modular homes, here is how it will work:

1 - Free Consultation

We start every build with a free consultation for the interested party. The consultation happens between you and our Director and Principal Architect, Dan Burnett. We are happy to accommodate the consultation over the phone, by email, or even in our Brisbane studio. We will discuss your vision and budget and how we can bring the two together.

2 - On-site Meeting

After initial consultations, we provide you with a 1-hour on-site meeting where we bring hand-sketched conceptual schematics alongside the project’s cost estimate.

3 - Design

Once you are happy with the cost estimate, timeline estimate, and conceptual drawings, we move into full design. We now provide comprehensive designs and accurate costs for the rest of the process. Since we pride ourselves on transparency, you will see where every part of the budget goes for a full review before you engage full architectural services (coordinating all approvals and consultants on your behalf).

4 - Fabrication

You sign a construction contract and pay a 20% construction deposit, after which we begin the creation of your modules in our factory. During the creation of the modules in our factory, our construction teams will prepare the site, including foundations, services, and landscaping. Once finished, these modules go to the site, and we install them with precision and speed.

5 - Time to Move In

And that really is all there is to it. Once we’ve finished fabrication, our Director and Principal Architect, Dan Burnett, will give you a tour and hand you your keys. To top it all off, you can enjoy a six-year warranty on your new Blok Modular home.

Build Your Dream Home With Our Modular Architecture

Whether you want modular homes in Brisbane, Queensland, or Byron Bay in NSW, our team at Blok Modular is ready to provide you with a breathtaking, affordable home you can call your own. Reach out to our team and get your free consultation today.