What Are Modular Homes?

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Modular homes are made by combining individual sections known as modules. The concept of modular construction involves these modules being made off-site, transported to where they are needed and then assembled. From an architectural perspective, these modules can be stacked upon each other in formation or side by side. This flexibility allows for easy configuration of different styles. If you’ve always wondered, “What are modular homes” continue reading.

How Are Modular Homes Made?

A significant advantage of modular homes is their adaptability and flexibility. The design process is relatively straightforward and can even allow for architectural services. As with a traditional home, it’s best to engage with a professional to deal with the approval process and appoint the necessary consultants and contractors.

While the modular elements are built in the factory, the builder prepares the site, including preparing and laying the foundation, putting in services and attending to the landscaping. Following this, all the services are finally connected and the last touches applied, and your new modular home is ready to welcome you! Now the site is ready to receive the modules, which are put together quickly and effortlessly on-site.

What Are Prefabricated Homes?

Modular building is ideal for prefabricated homes. The design process often involves developing a 3D digital model of the end product, which allows for effective sequencing of the build process in the factory and then the easiest way to join it all together on site.

The process of prefabrication refers to assembling all the elements necessary in a factory, following which the completed modules, known as sub-assemblies, are transported to the location. This construction method offers many benefits, such as speed, reduced build time, and a quicker return on investment for all stakeholders. The process also produces less waste and is carried out in a controlled indoor factory setting to reduce the environmental impact.

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